Mazanec Portfolio

Clifton Elementary

The Clifton Elementary is one of the largest projects for the ISD.  This NEW building encompasses over 50 acres.  The end is near for the new school year.  See how we are coming along.


Walker Partners

Located in downtown Waco, this older two story high rise is one of the many buildings that are being restored in the downtown area. 

Lakeshore Dialysis Center

Located in Waco, Lakeshore was the first of many kidney centers we built, remodeled, or added to the existing center.  This 5,000 sq.ft. structure is the first of it's kind in the Waco area. 

Baylor Univeristy Memorial Dinning Hall

The dining hall is located on the Baylor campus.  This remodel involved the kitchen, serving, takeout, and dining areas,  We brought in the color, introduced metal accents and created a fresh trendy look to the once dated dining area.

Baylor Univeristy Drop Tower

BSR Surf Water Park

Copperas Cove ISD Administrative Bldg