Our Services


Pre-Construction Services


Establish goals and priorities

  • Communicate with the owner regarding timelines of starting and finishing their project. Set milestone dates and duration of activities.
  • Develop an overall management plan.
  • Sit down with the building committee and prioritize the projects. Implement a      Critical Path Method (CPM) management schedule to help meet critical timelines.
  • Design cost planning & budgets.
  • Prepare initial budget numbers during the design phase and update construction cost when plans are 50% complete and 85% complete to verify project remains in budget.
  • Review of construction documents.
  • Work with the Architectural and Engineering teams on constructibility issues during the design phase and develop subcontractor input and familiarity with the project.

Bidding of Projects

  • Establish and prepare pre bid meetings.
  • Receive competitive sealed proposals for various subcontractor items.
  • Review scope of work.
  • Determine the “best value” for owner.

Site Logistics

  • Review and determine areas for construction staging activities and parking.
  • Determine need for specific job safety requirements and security.

Construction Services


Site Utilization and Mobilization

  • Mobilize on site.
  • Setup job trailer.
  • Install temporary fence.
  • Implement Storm Water Prevention Plan.
  • Provide temporary facilities for all subcontractors and work force.

Award Subcontracts

  • After the projects are bid, Mazanec Construction will review all bids and scope of work.
  • Contracts and purchase orders will be awarded to the low, qualified subcontractors or suppliers.

Management of Subcontractors and Material Deliveries

  • Coordinate with all trades; start dates, durations, and deliveries.
  • Monitor and review all product data and shop drawings and issue to architect for approval.
  • Conduct weekly safety and progress meeting with subcontractors.
  • Monitor all pay applications and billings from subcontractors and suppliers.

Monthly Reports

  • Establish a meeting time with the Building committee to meet once-a-month.
  • This Owner, Architect, Contractor Meeting (OACM) will be to provide overall project schedule updates, financial status and construction activities.

Contingency and Allowance Accounting

  • Mazanec Construction utilizes an excel spreadsheet to monitor how these funds are allocated.
  • Before any monies are spent these amounts are approved in writing by the owner and architect.

Field Operations (Quality Control, Safety, and Security)

  • Our experienced field and management staff will inspect the day to day operations.
  • When required, an independent testing agency will be employed for specific tasks.
  • All job site safety will be monitored by our supervisory team which have OSHA training.


Post-Construction Services


Testing & Balancing and Commissioning

  • Mazanec Construction will follow-up with all Testing and Balancing agencies that all equipment is functioning properly.
  • Will assist the owner’s personnel and operating personnel with all equipment operating and maintenance procedures.

As Built Drawings and O&M Manuals

  • At the end the project, Mazanec Construction will provide the owner with copies of as-built drawings and Operation and Maintenance Manuals for their use.

Warranty Period

  • During the warranty period, Mazanec Construction will assist the owner with any and all warranty issues that may arise.
  • Copies of all warranties will be provided to the proper entities.