Jarrell High School Addition


Jarrell HS Addition

The recurring theme across Jarrell ISD is “busting at the seams”.  Despite the High School receiving an addition just 3 short years ago, Jarrell High School is again running short on space and therefore has commissioned a two-story, stand-alone, addition to the high school to house 8 more classrooms and 4 new science lab rooms.  This 21,000sf building will be a steel framed structure clad with a mixture of stone veneer and metal panels to complement the existing High School facility. 


Jarrell HS Site Improvements

While the High School campus is all inclusive for all athletics, arts, and educational needs, the original layout and construction did not adequately plan for site drainage.  Over time this has become more a problem and now corrective measures will be implemented in conjunction with our other addition work being done to the High School.  This scope includes over 600LF of concrete box culverts, 350LF of storm drainage piping, 1500LF of new 8” waterline, a new 100 vehicle parking lot, and over a ¼ mile of new concrete paving across the campus.